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A Trip in Osaka

A történet az 54. kötet körüli eseményektől veszi kezdetét, nem túl részletes, de Conanes. ^__^
Jó szórakozást hozzá és bocs a félregépelésért és kisebb hibákért.
Hozzászólásokat szívesen fogadok a Vendégkönyvbe. ^.~

A Trip in Osaka


Ai just stood there and looked at those two. Ran was giggling, but Conan looked sad.

-What's wrong Conan-kun?- asked Ran, when she suddenly looked at his face and realized that something wasn't right.

-Nothing...- he answered a bit embarrassed.

-I know that something is wrong. It's written all over your face. You can tell me, maybe I can help you.'s really not a big thing...

Ran accepted it with a little, yet sad smile.

-Okay, I won't push you. -she stood up and went to the kitchen. -What do you want to eat for dinner? Is curry okay?

-Yeah, i-it's great. -answered Conan and looked at Ai. -Ra-Ran-neechan... can I go to the professor's place?

-Now? But I just started...

-I'll be back, I just... take home Haibara-san. -answered Conan hesitantly.

-Then it's okay. But please hurry up, don't be late! -said Ran, as always in a very gentle and nice way.

-Okaaa~y! Bye!

And off they were, Conan and Ai. They walked without looking at each-other. They didn't even talk. The cool breeze wafted Ai's hair as they went across the street. It was late sunset. The clouds were coloured red by the sun, but the darkness also appeared in the streets.

-Quite suitable. -said suddenly Ai.

-What?! The wind? - asked Conan, who was sunk into his thoughts and was annoyed by this question.

-I meant the darkness. It feels familiar. -her voice didn't show any feelings as usual.

-Leave me alone. -his voice was still kinda calm, yet one could feel, that inside he was angry.

-Oh my, someone is really touchy today. Although I can understand your feelings. You left her without telling that you might not come back. Neither as Conan, nor as Shinichi Kudo.

-I said stop bugging me, will you?

-I just hope we will survive... not as if living would make any difference, but still...

Her eyes met with his and this made Ai stay quiet until they arrived at Agasa's place.

-Ah, Shinichi-kun, Ai-kun, you finaly came! I've prepared everything for you, so it should be okay.- welcomed Agasa the two.

-Did you buy the red one?-asked Ai calmly.

-Yes, I've brought this red dress as you told me. And this black coat too. But wouldn't it be too... well... um flashy?

-It doesn't matter Professor. It's not as I'm gonna wear something like this more than just once.

-You were the one who wanted this, so don't complain now!- said Conan angrily.

-I'm only realistic, that's all. -answered Ai, while looking at the clothes.

-You are an idiot.

-Don't flatter to me, Kudo-kun.

-Idiot. -muttered Conan.

-The process is the same as before. This is almost the same APTX-antidote I gave you before. If you are lucky enough, you might not just survive, but can hold your form for 2 days. Or maybe more. Or less.

-This is very promising. -commented Conan.

-Are you sure you want to take it Shinichi?-asked anxiously Agasa.

-I told you before, I have to. Now that that Eisuke-bastard is not able to move, because he fell off the stairs and he told them that we are still alive somewhere in Beika city, we have no choise, but to follow their orders.

-Bu-but they'll kill you! Why are you...?'s better to show ourselves at that meeting place in our true forms, then being captured in our present forms. In the latter case not only we, but everyone will be eliminated by the organization. If we go there as Shiho Miyano and Shinichi Kudo, there is a high chance that we will be captured, more probably killed, but we can also escape and then they won't find out that we were shrunk by that drug.

-Unfortunately, we can't contact the police, or the FBI... -continued Ai -...we are on our own this time. If there is a chance to save you and the others, I'll not hesitate a minute to sacrifice my life.

-Heee~ I never heard you speaking of these kind of things.- said Conan -Are you getting more emotional?

-Count it as one of my last words to the Professor. -it was a cold reply from Ai, yet her face surprisingly showed some feelings.

-Hey, hey... it's not that you going to die Ai-kun. I'm sure Shinichi-kun has a good plan...

-Yes, I try my best Professor. But we don't have much time. Call Ran, that my parents took me somewhere and tell her that she shouldn't worry about me. And we should begin our business Haibara...

-If you are ready, let's do it.


Next day Ran met Kazuha in Osaka, and they were shopping around. They carried a few bags full of clothes & vegetables for dinner.

-It was almost like Heiji was disappointed that that kid didn't come. I mean, he is only a kid! -complained Kazuha.

-Yes, but you know that they used to hang out a lot together. -said Ran to calm down Kazuha.

-But he was really looking forward to it. Now he is all grumpy and he didn't even come with us. Ah, it's just not fair. Leaving us alone!

-Oh, so you don't think I'm a good companion, do you?

-Ah it's not like that Ran-chan! -Kazuha tried to catch up with Ran who walked faster as Kazuha slowed down for a second. -I'm just... I mean, I just...

-I understand, you want to be with him, right?- turned around Ran.

Kazuha blushed & replied immediately:

-No, no, that's not the case. I just don't want him to get into dangerous cases and I can watch over him more easier, if he is with me, you know.

Kazuha's thoughts: (I don't feel safe when he is not around. It makes me uncomfortable, because we are together almost always.)

-By the way Ran-chan, any news from your boyfriend?

-What?! -now it was Ran's turn to blush. She tried to keep a cal voice, with less success. -He-he is not my boyfriend. He didn't call me for a while now. -the last sentence sounded really sad, Kazuha looked at her & she understood how her friend felt.

-But, it's not that I need a report from him every day. He is just a mystery-freak whose brain is full of detective novels, I'm quite relieved that he is not bugging me with his Sherlock Holmes stories.

Ran's thoughts: (But it's really odd that he didn't even gave me a reply. I hope he is alright. If only I could hear his voice... not from the phone, but for real again...)

-I already checked it's Suribachi block, 14th stock. Why do you think I got it wrong? (male voice)

-I just want to make sure where we are heading. After all, it was hidden in a code, maybe you got too excited and read it wrong. (female voice)

-Just leave it to me. I know exact...

He bumps into Ran at the corner. All her stuffs falls onto the street. The boy in glasses and black hat immediately helps her and tells that:

-I'm sorry, here your...

Ran's and his eyes met. They were astonished, but before Ran could open her mouth, he suddenly stood up and said:

-Sorry again. Miyano, come.

The girl followed him immediately. Her face was a bit frightened and also surprised, yet to Ran she seemed to be rather expressionless.

-Wait!- yelled Ran. -Shinichi wait!!!- Ran rushed after them, but she lost the pair in the crowd. She didn't know where to go after them.

-Ran-chan, was that... -asked the surprised Kazuha.

But she remained silent.

Ran's thoughts: (With another girl... in Osaka... was he always here? Maybe Hattori-kun covered for him? He was here with Her...? Miyano... but why...he was so cold and...)

-Ran-chan! Ran-chan! Hey! -Kazuha tried to pull back Ran from her thoughts. -Won't we follow them?

-What? -she was really surprised by this question. -Why should I? And e-e-even if I could I...

-I've heard where they are heading to! And I know you want to know more about them! Let's go and... -Kazuha suddenly stopped, when she saw tears flowing down on Ran's face. -Ran-chan...

-I-I... why should I go? I should have known that we have been separated for such a long time and he will have somebody else... why did I believe in im when he said I should wait for him and he'll come back...

-He told you to wait?

-He told Conan to tell me last time in the restaurant, that: "I'll come back. Even if I die. So I want you to wait for me." -her tears just flew and flew. Kazuha walked with her to a quiet place, because the crowd looked really curious, when her friend started to cry. -He said that... he is so mean. If I don't mean anything to him, ten why... why... -she wiped her tears off with her hands. -I knew I'm too naive and stupid, but I really wanted to believe that he is telling the truth, because... I wanted him to come back so badly...

-I'm sure he didn't lie.- said Kazuha.

-How would you...

-These to are not going out, I'm sure of it! They maybe friends or something, but I can tell by just looking at them, that love has nothing to do with their relationship.

-What are you talking about? How can you tell it just by looking at the for a few seconds?

-They weren't close to each other at all. He didn't hold her hand, she was more than half a meter away from him and they looked really stressful. I'm a love-expert, I can see if someone is dating. -and Kazuha winked.


-There are not 'buts' here, but 'whys'. Why is he with a girl if she is not his girlfriend? Where are they going to? You are the daughter of a famous detective, come on!

-You mean, it's about...?

-Yes, of course! Didn't you just said it earlier? His mind is full of mysteries! He is a detective after all! He is involved in a case! And it's gotta be some pretty important and difficult one if he looked that strained. I just know it, Heiji is the same.

Ran was silent.

-Maybe I just don't trust him... I'm awful...

-No, no, no! That's not the point! You don't know what he is up to, you only got distracted by that girl, that's all. And now let's go!


-Where, where, to where they are heading to! You heard them too, right?

-Well, yes I did, but I'm not sure whether we should...

-Of course we should! We must! You must keep your eye on him, maybe he gets in trouble and you can help him.

-No, I would only cause trouble...

-Silly! Don't you understand? You know where your boyfriend is, this is a great chance to see what he is doing!


-Ran! You love him, right? You have the right to confirm his feelings! Maybe you won't get a chance to meet him after this case and then how would you ask him about you? You want to live in doubts? You want to wait without knowing what is the situation?

Ran looked at Kazuha. She finally made a decision.

-You're right! We are going after them! After all, he...he is my childhood-friend.


20 minutes later police-cars were making noise in Suribachi block. According to some witnesses, there were a few shots in the 14th stock. Ran and Kazuha just got there.

-What happened Otaki-han?-asked Kazuha.

-Ah, Kazuha-chan! You were nearby too? Someone got shot here, but when we arrived, we found no one.

-And who was shot?-asked Ran anxiously. -Was that person taken to hospital? Or is...

-When I said no one, I didn't only meant the culprit. We just began to investigate the scene, you can see here the blood, but the victim got away too. It's possible, that it was a showdown between some criminal gang-members.

But Ran got distracted by something in the shadow of a big box.

-Ooops!- Kazuha dropped her bags. -Sorry, I'll pick it up.

-Please go away Kazuha-chan, don't disturb our work.

-Sorry, sorry! -Ran helped Kazuha.

-We'll go then. Good luck Otakai-han! -waved goodbye Kazuha and Ran and off were they.


At the Police Department of Osaka another case was investigated and a few witnesses and suspects were held there.

-Why does Hattori not pick up that damn phone?!- asked himself Shinichi.

-You can't still reach him? We must get out of here! If the police finds your cell phone, they will make us stay longer. We cannot afford that.

-I know, I know, but... I couldn't pick it up, because they were shooting at us. We had to escape.

-We are still not safe. We should be in the Professor's car going away from here as far as we can.

-It's no use. -gives back the cell phone to Ai. -I have to solve this case and...

-You just stay here! We'll get in trouble if you act like a detective! -got Shiho angry.

-But if I don't, we'll stay here forever! I've got to do something!

-You were such a great actor before the meeting, can't you just control yourself? -said Shiho mockingly.

-Don't you even dare to remind me of that! -Shinichi's face became very-very red. -I want to forget that!

-Oh, really? I'll treasure it for the rest of my life. -she put a serious face on.

Shinichi's eyes became bigger, he couldn't find any words and when he finally wanted to talk, she added in a tinkling voice: Ju~st kidding!

It seemed like Shiho was amused by Shinichi's torture. She put a satisfied expression on her face and sat calmly. He also made up his mind and did exactly the same, without the smile of course.

Shinichi's thought: (She is right. I must keep up the appearance. But... that was too much!!!)


Before the meeting:

Shinichi: There might be a few of them looking around here on the streets. We act like as we were a couple on a date or whatever. They shouldn't pay attention to us, nor see our faces, got it?

Shiho: You tell me this, like I was some kind of a fool. I'm aware of the situation like you are.

Shinichi: I know, I just wanted to make things sure.

Shiho: Oh no! Two of them are heading this way! What should we...?

Shinichi suddenly grabbed Shiho's upper body and and clinched her, there lips were only a few cms away from each other. He quietly whispered: Don't worry, it's only acting. Stay still.

The two members of the organization appeared and looked at them doubtful. Shiho folded her hands around his neck and kissed him. Shinichi was really surprised, but at that moment, he had no choice, but to follow the act, or there will be done for sure. The man and woman in black looked at each other, then they left. The 'pair' could hear only the woman's voice: Heh, lovers hiding at the corner. How romantic. Hahaha...

When her mocking laugh finally disappeared, the two 'lovers' immediately let each other go.

Shinichi (whispering, well he tries at least): What the hell were you DOING! I never said we should kiss for real!

Shiho's face was still red, yet her voice was quite soft: They wouldn't believe if we just stood there like tat for minutes! Besides you started the whole thing!

-You say it's my fault?!

-It was the best thing at that moment!

Flashback ends


Kazuha: Now what? They can be anywhere. Maybe you were right Ran-chan.

-Can't we just ask Hattori-kun to help us find them? Although I'm almost positive that he is helping Shinichi, maybe we could still...

-That's right! I'll beat up the answer from him, if he doesn't spill it! -yelled Kazuha. She dialed Heiji's number on her cell phone, but just like Shinichi earlier, she couldn't reach him either. -Now where could he be?! That Heiji! If I find him, I...

-Don't worry about that Kazuha-chan... It's okay.

-No, it's not! Hey! -Kazuha suddenly realized something. -Let's go Ran-chan! -and she grabbed her wrist and pulled Ran along.

-Bu-but where?

-Where Heiji is! There is only one place where he could be!


Chief Inspector of the Police Department of Osaka's office:

-I've heard everything. You should realize the time you are defeated. -said Hattori-san, but the room remained quiet. -So you won't say anything. Then I have to find that other one. He will surely tell me more. Now go to Tatewaki-san and get those papers for me.

The person leaves the room, Toyama-san appears.

-Did he say anything? -he asked.

-This time he is more stubborn than usual. I bet, he is into something big.

-You rarely involve in his cases, I'm really interested, what made you so worried.

-I'm not worried. Just curious. Anyway, have you found out something?

-Oh, yes, you wouldn't believe who got in our hand this time.

Hattori-san glared at him with one eye open (as usual).

(Part 2)

Police officer: He is right, how would you know that? Show me your shirt!

Man: He-hey, le-leave me alone!

-Show it!

-Alright, allright...

And as the young manager took of his suit, everyone could see blood on his shoulder.

I did it because she wanted to ruin my carrier. -said the culprit in a crying voice. -She wouldn't accept that I would be my father's heir, she wanted to live abroad away from my family, away from everything what I love. I've tried to break up, but she kept blackmailing me, that she would tell my father about my secret transactions and... and I had no other choise... I wanted to get away from her... I... I...

-Nice job as always. - complimented Shiho. -Just as one would expect from the great detective of the east. Or to be more precise, you gave great clues to that inspector.

-I could practice that a lot by Ojisan (Kogoro). Now let's go. My wound starts to hurt. -Shinichi put his hand to his shoulder.

-You are lucky that they it hit you on a crucial point and you didn't wore you jacket back then. You can cover the bullet's whole on your T-shirt. The bandage I did can hold for a while, you can rest assured. Come...

They started to leave, but they were stopped by Toyama-san.

-Takeshi Doku?

-Um... yes? -Shinichi answered hesitantly, he almost forgot his false-name, which he gave to the police.

-The Chief Inspector would like to talk to you.

-To me? -he was astonished. -Why?

-You will know the reason, if you come with me.

Shinichi and Shiho looked at each other and he answered with eyes full of suspicion.

-Would you allow my friend to join us?

-If she waits outside, it's no problem.

The detective of the East followed Toyama-san. He was almost sure what the problem was. The left cell phone. Shiho sat on comfortable chair, while Toyama-san and 'Doku-kun' entered Hattori-san's office.


-Hm... are... Kudo-kun, right? -said the chief inspector without looking at him.

-Doku, it's Doku sir. -tried to correct Shinichi.

-It's useless to keep up this silly game, your fingerprints are stored in the main basis, so you cannot deny who you are...Kudo-kun. -said Toyama-san.

-So I was found. -smiled Shinichi innocently. -You wanted to talk with me?

-Yes. I want to know what you know about the so called men in black suits.

Shinichi was stunned. He was prepared to getting involve in the case of that gun-fight, but men in black... how?

-Men in black suit? -he asked-


-Who do you mean?

-I mean those, whose member is Rena Mizunashi, who is now missing and who killed quite a lot people. I mean them.

Shinichi was even more stunned, yet he tried to keep his poker-face. Toyama-san was also somehow surprised, since Hattori-san didn't explain him why he wanted to meet the high school detective of the East, Shinichi Kudo.

-What? But everyone knows that Rena Mizunashi, the famous news-reporter is on vacation, she is not missing. And what are those men in...

-It's no use trying to fool me, you should be aware of that. -said Hattori-san witha serious face. _You know where she is, you know about a secret and dangerous organization and you hide your identity, to stay alive.

-I-I'm not hiding my identity!!! -refuse Shinichi. -Okay, today is a different story, I try to solve a case for my friend, that's why I have to hide my face. I don't want to be recognized by my fans. She waits outside. You can ask her, she'll confirm what I say.

-I'm sure she would do it. But I want to know, what you know about these people.

Hattori-san is a truly persistent person, and a real professional, Shinichi had to find some way to get out of there as soon as possible. However, if that would be possible, it wouldn't be the Chief Inspector's office.

-I cannot tell about them anything, because I know nothing. -he replied calmly.

-So you deny that you were speaking with my son over the phone about this?

Shinichi's thoughts: (Did he eavesdrop us?)

-What? I didn't contact Hattori at all. I only met him once, why should I...

-I still have your conversation recorded on a tape.

-How can you prove that it was me, who was speaking with him?

-Hm... you did change your voice, but the "Kudo" and "you are the detective of the East, aren't you?" were quite convincing evidences.

-Eavesdropping your own son? For what reason? -asked Shinichi, he tried to get the control of the situation.

-I have no reason to answer this question. Besides, you await for me to answer, before you do? Who do you think you are?

-I'm only curious, but I'll ask Hattori then.

-You can speak with him after telling me everything.

-I have nothing to tell you.

-Listen! -Hattori-san raised his voice and looked really frightening. -You play a very dangerous game. Just because you think you are a detective, people get killed and the police can do nothing about these men, because a kid like you thinks, he can solve anything, like Holmes or whatever. To you it is a question of pride, to me it's a question of lives.

-I thought it was vica-versa(the other way around). -said Shinichi in a mocking voice.

-You are sure confident, but your reckless detective-play will cause many troubles and cost many lives. Is that what you want? This isn't better than killing!

Hattori-san's harsh words had no effects on Shinichi, since he was aware of his situation much better, than Heiji's father was. He remained silent.

-I hope you understand now what your role is. You'd better tell us everything and leave the rest to the police. It's safer for you & everyone else.

-You are wrong. -disagreed Shinichi.

-Hm? -Hattori-san looked at him.

-My pure existence is dangerous. -he continued- If you were already looking for me, you should know about the rumor that I died in a case not long ago. If they find out that I'm still alive, then we all going to have serious problem.

-You can get protected by the police. The best security system is waiting for people to protect.

-Against them, alone the police is not enough. There might be some "ears" here too.

-How dare you think that high-ranked police officers could be... -yelled Toyama-san, but Hattori-san made him shut up.

-So? You are saying, the police is dependable at this rate and we should only watch your moves from a far distant?

-It's too early for the police to get involved in this, plus I don't have as many evidence as I need against them.

-It's not an excuse to avoid our help.

-It's not a reason for your help either.

It seemed like a fight between two sharp minds. Neither of them could win, but nor of them wanted to loose either. During the talk, Shinichi's face got pale and he started to feel dizzy too. At the end, he felt like he is going to faint if he can't go out.

-I'm sorry, but I have to go know. -and Shinichi turned to the door, which suddenly opened, before he could reach it.


Jumping back in time a few minutes:

-There he is! -said Kazuha proudly as she saw Heiji coming out of an office.

-Ka-Kazuha? What are you doing here? -asked Heiji, who seemed to be annoyed by her appearance.

-Ran-chan wants to know where Kudo-kun is! Right, Ran-chan?

-U-um... yeah. -was Ran's shy answer.

-How should I know, aho?!-he yelled at Kazuha. -Do you think I'm his babysitter or what?

-Don't play innocent! we saw him here in Osaka, I'm sure you are aware of that! And you know where he is now!

-What are you saying?! You must have seen a look-alike. He can't be here.

-So you DO know where he is!

-I-I just know that he is not in O- - but then Heiji started to think about the possibility that Kudo might... -Anyways, I have to go to dad's office.

-We'll go too. You won't run away!

-Are you insane? It's about a case, it's none of your business, aho!

-Then we will wait outside!

-Do as you like! Idiot. -Heiji mumbled and while thinking about Shinichi he walked to the 21th floor.

As they walked to the office they found there Shiho who was as surprised as the three who where coming. since Heiji couldn't believe his eyes, he opened the door of his dad's office and everyone saw Shinichi and he saw everyone too.


-Ku-Ku-Ku- -stuttered Heiji in his astonishment.

Behind him were Ran and Kazuha and at the back Shiho looked troubled. They have been found out. There is no escape from here this time. She thought. But not only she was in bad situation, Heiji couldn't even imagine how Shinichi got there in his real form. After he got scolded and questioned by his father, he thought he could get away with it somehow as long as Shinichi Kudo cannot be found. But now he is here. Unbelievable, and really troublesome for Heiji.

But, of course Shinichi himself was in the biggest mess. Not only Hattori showed up and now he can't just walk away from the office, but Ran also appeared and she will probably want some explanation from him. On the top of that, his head really hurt and he started to loose his balance. His view got suddenly very blurry and he just fell on the floor. Ran rushed there immediately to see how he was, Hattori-san eemed to be calm.

-Must be the excitement. He really can't take questionings. -that was his comment. --Toyama, call a doctor!

-The-there is no need for a doctor, he just fainted. -Heiji realized what might have happen -I'm sure he only needs a little fresh air and he'll be fine. I'll take him outside.

-Shinichi! Shinichi!- Ran called his name, she wanted to wake him up, without success. And then she realized something terrible. -He... he... is not...breathing... -her eyes looked really shocked.

Everyone turned to them.

-Don't fool around!- rushed Shiho to Shinichi along with Hattori-san. They both checked the pulse on Shinichi's wrist and neck.


But Heiji rushed to the phone, pushed Toyama-san aside and dialed their number.


The scene: Hospital next day

Ran sits beside Shinichi, Kazuha comes in the room.

-He is still unconscious?

-Yes. -sad Ran sadly. -But the doctor said he is doing really fine thus his wound in his shoulder.

-So he was shot at that scene... Maybe we should tell the police...

-No!- objected Ran. -Until the police doesn't asks us about it at least.

-But why?

-I'm not sure either, but... if he wanted to tell them, he would have told them when he was there. He wants to keep it in a secret. I know, this is stupid, but could you not tell this to...

-Of course Ran-chan. Don't worry. -answeredKazuha with a smile. -Hey, why don't you come with me and eat something downstairs? You should walk around a bit.

-No, it's okay. I want to stay here.

-Come on, you can't stay here all day! It's better for you! Come on, we'll only buy sandwiches then.

-Well, okay.

Heiji enters the room.

-How's he? Still not...

-No. -replied Ran.

-We go to eat something, you just look after him until then, got it?-ordered Kazuha.

-Hey, do I look that irresponsible?

-Yes, you do! -and the girls left the room. Heiji looked around and started to move Shinichi around who suddenly woke up. Heiji frightened and dropped him.

-What... -Shinichi was still not fully awaken, Heiji put himself together.

-Don't scare me like that you zombie!

-Hattori? What are you... oh yeah, you were in your fathers seems like I fainted. I didn't fell to good. Maybe a side-effect.

-You didn't fell good? You died there you moron!

-Ha? -looked Shinichi suprised.

-Anyways, it's good that you woke up, it is easier to kidnap you this way.

-You want to get me out of here?

-Well, we try. I call that Haibara-neechan to change plans.

-What plans?

-Here are your clothes. I'll tell you everything.


-What's wrong Ran-chan? Still worried? Kudo-kkun should be just fine.

-No, it's just... Is there a stairs or something here, which are only used by the personnel or so?

-Um... I thinks so. Why?

-Could you show where it is?

-Su-sure... -said Kazuha, but she didn't know, what Ran was thinking.


-So, if you get down, put this mask on, and wait for my sign. I'll go down and see how things are, then I'll go to get you. Got it?

-Okay, okay, you don't have to tell me so many times. Do I still look like a kid?

-Ah, come on, we are buddies aren't we? I can't worry about you? Geez...

-Idiot.-said Shinichi and went to the personnel's stair. As he was walking down he suddenly stopped, because of... her.

-Are you going somewhere?- asked Ran, with an angry yet sad look on her face.

-How did you...? -Shinichi is always astonished by Ran's slyness.

-You always lie and run away, it was easy to guess. -her voice was resentful.

-I-I... -he wanted to say something, but he couldn't. He walked down to her.

-Do you want to leave?-asked Ran coldly.

-U-um... I-I-I-I have to.

-What about your wound?

-I-i-i-it's okay, no need to worry.

There was a weird, tenseness in the air, but he couldn't say anything on the dark stairs.

-Why don't you tell me... -started Ran - ...the reason why you left me?


-Why didn't you tell me that you don't want anything from me and I should just leave you alone? I wouldn't have written all those stupid sms' and wouldn't have annoyed you with my calls. -tears appeared in her eyes.

-It's not like...

-Why didn't you tell me that you have found a cute girl? That's why you didn't call me for weeks, right? Is it that amusing to see me suffer? You are the worst... -she started to cry, although she tried to avoid this.

-What are you saying? -said Shinichi in a calm voice.

-I saw what I saw. You have a girlfriend. You always lie. You always run away from me. and I just worry about you like a fool.

-Hey don't say that!- his voice was still calm, although inside his heart he really feeled ashamed. He made her cry... again. -I don't have a girlfriend yet.

-Oh, so you haven't confessed to her? How typical of you. Well, there is no need for that anyways. You are the famous high-school detective, you don't need to say anything, girls will fall for you.

-Ah, come on Ran...

-If you want, leave! I don't care! I just wish... you would tell me, why... -she stopped crying.

-I'm hiding, because I got caught in a hard case. I'm not here to avoid other's attention.

-You are going to her, aren't you?


-Don't play dumb! I meant that girl with you today. She seemed to care about a lot. Well...she is really beautiful too, so I can understand, there is no need to lie about it.

-She is only a friend, someone who is involved this case, that's all. Trust me!

-Your theory seems to be alright meitantei-san, but where is the proof? Words fly away, words can lie, words are only words.

-You want a proof?

-Yes. You are a detective, aren't you? -she looked very serious.

Shinichi sighed and searched for something in his pocket. When he found it, he showed it to Ran. It was a lucky-charm, it looked like Heiji's and Kazuha's, a little sack, with probably a good-luck-wish in it.

-This is your lucky-charm, why...?

Shinichi gave it to her and...

-Is it good enough for you Inspector? -he asked.

Ran looked at it, she felt that something is inside that bag. Actually, she didn't wanted to tell Shinichi that she peeked in that little sack and saw what's inside.

-I-i-i-it's your choice whether to take it or not...-blushed Shinichi. -I-I-I really can't promise when I from back, but I'll do anything I can. This and my lucky-charm is the promise... O-o-o-of course you don't have to take it, if you don't want

Ran looked at him, then at the lucky-charm. -You really mean it?

-I-I-I know it's stupid... I can't tell anything now... it's... well just forget it and.

-It's okay.- said Ran and smiled. To Shinichi she looked a 100times more beautiful than usual. -I think I accept this. I do. Yes.

Shinichi was totally red. -You-you-you are really sure.

-You want me to change my mind?

-No, I-I-I just...maybe you should think about it and...

-I said I accepted metantei-san! It'll be my lucky-charm too. But then, you won't have any.

-It's okay. -he was still total embarrassed, but he could calm down his voice. He wanted to go out to the corridor, but Ran grabbed his suit on his arm.

-Wait! I... -she blushed too. -Promise me that you'll be careful!

-Sure. -he smiled.

-A-and... you'll need a lucky-charm too. -she pulled him back to the stairs and kissed him.

Shinichi was really surprised, but this time he wanted to stop the time, not like yesterday. They also had some audience as well.

-Wow....she kissed him!-said Kazuha. -How cute!

Heiji, who was beside her, after been found by her just stared the pair.

-I-I really have to go now. -said Shinichi and left with a very happy smile on his face.

-You lost this! -Ran gave him his cell phone.

-Where did you...?

-At the crime scene, of course.

-Hiding an important evidence is a serious crime. -smirked Shinichi.

-Will you arrest me then Tantei-san?

-Mm... this time I'll let you go. See you!

-Do your best! -said Ran. -she was sad that he was leaving, thus she was happy too.

-I thought you stuck together. -said mockingly Heiji.

-You saw us?! -blushed Shinichi.

-I told you, I'll wait for you here, didn't I? But these girls were here earlier. Kazuha said, Ran kinda knew what you were up to. Man, these women can be really annoying. Well, in your case she is not that annoying, is she?

-Shut up already and let's get out of here.

-But there is one thing I didn't get. What as with your lucky-charm? Why was that a proof? Was it a proof of love? Was there a lucky-charm for lovers in it or what?

-Like I tell you! Let's go!

-Hey, tell me already! You can't hold everything to yourself! Tell me!

-No!!! Leave me alone.

-Che! And you call yourself a friend. Tell me!

-I said no!

Far behind they could here Kazuha's yell:


-Ssssssssssssssssh! Kazuha-chaaan!!!

Shinichi's face was all red.

-Really? No way!!! Man, Kudo you are... incredible!

-Just leave me alone!!!

-He-heh... sure thing Groom-san!

-Quit it!!!


Heiji and Shinichi met with Shiho.

-Are you alright? You are so... red. -she asked.

-That must be a little fever, right? - winked and laughed Heiji.

-Let's go then. We must hurry up and go back to Tokyo. Your body seems to be weak, the antidote was too strong for you. I have to work on it, and next time... it must be a real antidote, or else you might die.

-Let's just leave this place. -said Shinichi. His voice was serious, Heiji stopped smiling too.

Many things happened, still many things remained unspoken and unrevealed. Happiness and sorrow will follow them on their path, until the Case is finally solved.

The end




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