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Shiho's happy ending

Shiho’s happy ending

Many things have happened during the last months, one could say, that the worst things are now over and after a war, peace takes place. But that’s not true. Eventhough Conan Edogawa joined forces with the Japanese police, the FBI and some CIA members and captured the boss of the Black Organization, which fell apart after that, his problems were not solved by that.
First, there was the problem of his true identity. It was no longer secret to some policemen, some FBI members and especially not to Ran anymore. Regaining his real body might take a while, but what will happen to him and to…HER.
The second problem was Ran. Somehow things have changed in a way none of them expected. What was that, why was that? It’s still unclear. Only one thing is for sure, it’s different. Very different.
There are other difficulties as well, for example what will happen to Conan and the scientist, Shiho Miyano aka Sherry/Ai Haibara? The BO doesn’t exist anymore, but members, who could escape, will try to take revenge, since their life was ruined.
To make decision easier, Haibara finally presented the antidote of her drug, the APTX-4869.

Professor Agasa’s laboratory:

-What’s taking her so long? –grumbled Conan as he walking around in the living room. They were supposed to wait until Haibara shows up with the antidote, but she is late, and won’t com out of her mini-lab in Agasa’s basement.
-Calm down, Shinichi. –said the professor. –If you could wait months, you can wait a few minutes more, can’t you?
Conan’s face reflected that he is not gonna be patient anymore, but he just let out a sigh, and finally sat down. They heard the basement door’s opening & looked in that direction immediately.
Finally, finally- thought Conan. He couldn’t wait longer.
Then Haibara appeared. Or rather, it was a women who resembled to her very much. Agasa and Conan were stunned as if they had seen a miracle.
-Ha-Ha-Haibara?- asked Conan, still surprised.
-Not Haibara anymore, but Shiho Miyano. –she smiled, though she felt a bit embarrassed that they stared at her.
-Ai-kun… I mean… Shiho-kun… -started Agasa- You never said that you are going to try the antidote by yourself!
-Of course I would do that. An antidote is an antidote if someone tries it and it works. –she said in her calm manner.
-Shou-Shouldn’t you rest bit? –said the worried professor. –You must be exhausted or tired…
-I’m fine. –and she walked towards to Conan, who was somehow still shocked. Afterall, it was his first time to see her as a 20-year-old women.
-You should worry about Kudo-kun. It seems like he is unable to speak. –she pointed at him.
-Huh? –professor looked at the boy too.
-I-I was just thinking about the things happened. – said Conan and turned his head sideways.
-Is that so? –smiled Shiho, her voice was mocking as always.
-A-anyways, does this mean, the antidote is ready? You think, that I can take it too, without any risks?
-There are always risks.-was her reply- But I did my best, I don’t want to kill you, you know. –her voice was a bit resentful.
-I-I know that, I just… wanted to make sure… –Conan knew his words might have hurt her, but he didn’t want to end up dead, after the many things has been through.
-Trust me.-said Shiho –But you can stay as Conan if you like.
-No way!
Shiho chuckled.

Kudo’s house:

Later that day, Conan was Shinichi again, but since he changed back already several times, his body was weaker than Shiho’s, so he had to lay in bad and let Agasa & her take care of him. He didn’t want to b treated as a sick person, but he had no choice.
He was wondering about tomorrow and about Ran. She was angry and very sad, when he found out that he was lying to her all he time. Even if he has been there for her as Conan, what he did was still…unforgivable, according to Ran. What should he do? Should he apologies? Would that matter?
The door opened and Shiho came in. It looks like, she thought, he would be asleep, since she hesitantly stepped back after realizing that he was awake.
-What is it? –asked Shinichi expressionless. He looked kinda sad, she thought, she should leave.
-I-I just came to check on you, but I’ll go now… -she stepped back again, but fell over because of the carpet.
Shinichi stood up immediately and rushed to her, to see whether she was okay.
-I-I’m fine.- she said and tried to stand up as soon as possible, but she felt stabbing pain in her foot and she couldn’t hide it from him.
-Hey-hey, did your foot splayed? –he was already supporting her to his bed.
-N-no, it’s nothing really.- Shiho wanted to escape from there, but she had no choice, her foot hurt so much.
-It’s alright. Stay still, stupid. –said Shinichi and walked to another room to get some bandages.

-Here you go. –he was proud if his work, Shiho’s foot was bandaged perfectly, or so as he thought.
-T-Thanks.- she felt embarrassed. –Now I’ll go to bed.
-I can carry you. -said Shinichi, actually he was a bit surprised by his offer too.
-N-no, there is no need. You are acting like… well just leave me alone.- Shiho’s reply was cold, she tried to avoid him, tried not to be close to him. After all, he has Ran, why does he act like this? As if I would be someone special. He’d treat anyone like this. Any girl. No wonder, his girlfriend is always jealous. So stupid. As she grumble she tried to make a step, but realized it won’t be possible for her to get in her bed, without help.
Shinichi didn’t know, what to do, so he just helped her walking along the corridor. They stayed quiet, until…
-Touch my waist again, and I make you swallow Apotoxin again! –looked Shiho angrily .
-What? I just don’t want you to fell over again! Don’t get the wrong idea! –somehow she could be sooo annoying, that was he thinking. He only wanted to help her.
Soon they arrived in the guest’s room, which was now hers for a while. She sat on the bed and waited that he leaves. But Shinichi was still there.
-What do you want? –looked Shiho suspiciously.
-You want anything else? –he said coldly. –I mean you want something to eat or whatever… afterall, you can’t climb the stairs…
-Oh… acting as a gentleman again.-her voice was mocking as usual. –Well… I want to drink something. Do you have anything, waiter?
-I’m not your waiter. Just tell me what you want. I have orange juice, mineral water, can make some tea or coffee… -his voice was normal again. Calm as ever.
-Do you have some sherry?
-Eh? Well, you are here…
-Idiot, I mean…
-I know. But I’m afraid I can’t give you any, there is only some wine.
-Fine with me. –she said.

After a while, Shinichi returned.

-Ha? Why did you bring 2 glasses? One is enough for me. – of course she knew, what he was planning.
-I’ll drink a little to. I deserve after these days.
-We sure do.- said Shiho.

They sat on the bed, didn’t realize that they drunk way too much.

-Ne, Kudo-kun… -she asked while she tried to sit still, well …let’s just say she couldn’t.
-Will you go to Ran and apologies?
-That’s what planned.
-Hm… I’m sure she will forgive you, she is nice.
-How would you say sorry?
-Shall I show you? You are Ran and I’m Shinichi. –he said.
-You are already Shinichi, idiot.
-I know, I know! So I’d say: Ran, I’m so sorry, please forgive me!
-That’s the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.
-You think I would forgive you just because you say you’re sorry?
-Oi, Haibara, what are you…?
-I’m acting, remember? I’m Ran. And Shiho. But Miyano to you. Understand?
-Not really. ^^”Oh, well, I really mean it. I can’t say other than sorry.
-Can I believe you?
-Of course! –he got closer to her and grabbed her waist. –You can rely on me, always and forever!
They looked at eachother and felt something weird. No, it’s not the alcohol. It’s… something else.
-I wish… -Shiho said- I wish I were Ran. –tears appeared in her eyes.
-You are…now. –and his face got really close to hers.
-What are you… -she whispered as if someone else would be there beside them. But it was too late, their lips touched and melted together. As if time has stopped, they were glued together. Their mind became clear, they thought of nothing, only this feeling was there, which they first experienced.
As they finished, they started it again and again, they laid on the bed and kissed like there was no tomorrow. And because they were really drunk, they fell asleep in eachother’s arms.




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